10th & Cherry garage closed Sunday, May 31

This just in from the city:

Columbia Public Works Parking Utility will be conducting a deep cleaning of the 10th & Cherry parking garage beginning on Sunday, May 31, at 7pm and concluding on Monday, June 1, at 7am.

During this time period all parking is prohibited in the garage. All vehicles should be removed from the garage before 7 pm on Sunday. During the time of the closure, those who normally park in the 10th & Cherry garage may park in hourly spaces at any other city garage or in metered spaces around the garage at no charge [as usual on Sunday]. Vehicles with permits for the 10th & Cherry garage who opt to park in other garages should move back to the 10th & Cherry garage before 8am on Monday, June 1. Those who opt to park in metered spaces downtown should move vehicles from metered spaces before 9am that Monday.

A complete wash-down of the garage will occur to help combat the corrosive effects of the road salts used this past winter.

Reminder signs will be posted in the 10th & Cherry garage for your convenience.