20/20 Night! Tuesday, Feb. 7, 5:30pm

February 3, 2012

While it puts up a placid exterior, Columbia is a secretly fascinating place, filled to the brim with people on a mission In order to expose the secret assets of our city, Ragtag and Mizzou Advantage team up for this ongoing bimonthly event. This is a "thinking and drinking" event sparked by an engaging, rapid-fire series of show-and-tell segments, followed by a reception in the Uprise bar.

After Noah Earle opens the night with his songs, ice cream man Scotty Southwick will talk about bad art, Traci Kleekamp-Wilson about keeping information free, Tom O'Connor on mastering your electrical domain, Elizabeth Giuliano about veterinary opthalmology, Sara Gable on childcare, Ann Koenig on the social benefit of trees, Charles Nilon on minorities and the environment and finally artist Susan Glasgow Taylor on going from a seamstress to a glassmaker.

Free and open to the public. But please pick up a ticket at the box office to reserve your seat. Tickets will be available at 5pm on Tuesday, February 7, doors at 5:30.