5 Dollar Flashbacks!

We're super excited to announce the beginning of a special summer-long series, 5 Dollar Flashbacks. We'll screen older favorites every Friday and Saturday at noon. And, yes, they are $5 for everyone. Grab lunch at Uprise Bakery and have a great time at the movies. 5 Dollar Flashbacks is sponsored by LaBrunerie Financial.

June is The Boys of Summer month with four films that capture the rowdy camaraderie of young men.

Stand by Me (1986)  June 7 & 8  Take a walk on the tracks in search of a dead body in this classic from Rob Reiner.


Breaking Away
(1976)  June  14 & 15  One of the best cycling movies of all time. Dave is a townie in Bloomington, Indiana, and thinks he's Italian.


Super 8
(2011)  June 21 & 22  The Goonies would've been an obvious choice for Boys of Summer, but we're going with this newer film from J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg, which captures the same spirit. Think of it as a Goonies for a new generation...and with an alien monster.


Bad News Bears
(1976)  June 28 & 29  You gotta have a baseball flick in a summer series, and this is a great one. Walter Matthau is a booze-fueled little league coach trying to get a team of misfits into shape. And he does...by cheating.


We're still fine-tuning July and August so stay posted. If this summer series is a success, we hope to make this a year-round thing. We're showing fun, lighthearted films for the summer, but future programming would draw from any number of eras and genres. Exciting times. Though, this will only happen if you come out to these summer matinees.