A new summer tradition: August 21

Since our start in 2004, True/False has been a crocus that pops out of the ground as the Missouri winter gives up the ghost. But as we get the hang of this movie+party thing, we're feeling like Columbia could use some some True/False-iness at other times of the year. With that in mind, we want to stake a claim on one of your late summer nights, specifically Saturday, August 21.

On that day, we are kicking off what we hope will be a yearly tradition, The Boone Dawdle. To dawdle means to take one's time, to proceed slowly -- and we think that is a good description of what we have in mind for a steamy summer evening's adventure. It will mean stretching out a little bit further than our cozy downtown Columbia home all the way to the Missouri River, specifically the beautiful limestone blufftops of Rocheport.

Some of us will ride our bikes out (slowly!) on the Katy Trail, finding pockets of surprise and delight along the way including some T/F-style busking musicians, while others will hop in their jalopies and drive to the Blufftop Bistro at Les Bourgeois vineyards. Out there before sunset, we will serve up a delicious local food picnic-style dinner, along with beer, wine and other drinks, listen to a killer live band, and then, after the sun has dropped, we'll screen a brand-new documentary outside, looking out over the Missouri River valley. And, like all True/False films, the director will be there to answer your questions afterwards. Then it's on to waiting buses (for the bikers) and back home.

Details are forthcoming, but for now, please put August 21 on your calendar. And know that if you decide to buy your Super Circle pass early, this will be a complimentary benefit. See you soon!