The Oscars are here, Cinema friends,

With ballots at the Box Office and a staggering slate of Academy-nominated showtimes on the calendar, this is your friendly reminder to prepare for Sunday’s Big Movie Awards Show. The event has been a long-honored tradition in the hallowed halls of our humble cinematequé that has been understandably quieter these past two years. The last time we dug out our black ties and really reveled, hooting and hollering at a big screen together, was in February 2020—an evening that gave the world a collective glimpse at a cinematic future that existed beyond “the one-inch tall barrier of subtitles.” 

As our timeline has unfolded, however, the promise of that cultural opportunity has become a harder-fought one than we had imagined. Through closures, restrictions, restructurings, endless experimentation, and with truly humbling support from you, we reach the end of a third long winter. Let’s see what grows this spring. 

Last chance shows of Academy Award nominees Parallel MothersBelfastThe Worst Person in the WorldDrive my Car, and this year’s Animated & Live Action Oscar-nominated Short Films screen at the Cinema through next Thursday.

See you at the movies,