April 13, 2022

Experiences abound, Cinema friends,

With white gloves donned, reels at the ready, and coconuts in suspiciously short supply, we welcome you to experience an exceedingly silly spectacle. Thursday through Sunday, we dine well here in Camelot as Monty Python and the Holy Grail screens in all its glory on 35mm.

Moving roughly 997 years from Camelot, on Friday night we look to 1929’s Man with a Movie Camera. The silent-era Soviet experimental documentary set on the streets of Moscow, Kyiv, and Odesa is an infinitely inventive and essential piece of cinema history. Exhilarated by a new score performed live by Montopolis, Dziga Vertov’s film becomes a celebration of the human spirit in Ukraine almost a century on.

We fire up our 35mm projectors once more on Tuesday evening as Science on Screen® returns with Richard Linklater’s rotoscope-animated take on Philip K Dick’s A Scanner Darkly. A shifting, collapsing, and hallucinatory postmodern noir, Dick’s (semi-autobiographical) novel—set within the split hemispheres of a drugged-out narcotics officer’s brain—was once considered un-adaptable for the screen. Preceding the film, MU Psychiatry Professor and Cognitive Neuroscience Systems Core Director, Dr. Brett Froeliger, discusses the brain, stimulation, and addiction. 

Between all of that, Everything Everywhere All At Once continues, running alongside shows of CODA.