A Word From Our Programmer - 6/29/22

Thank you Cinema friends,

After this past weekend, some heartfelt gratitudes are in order:

Cinema members—thank you for your patronage, your support, and for helping to make Ragtag more than a movie theater. 

Everyone who donated, spread the word, came out for films, partied, reveled, or generally made-merry under the banner of CoMo Famous—thank you. 

And finally, resounding cheers, applause, adulation, and congratulations to Ming Hsieh, Chase Thompson, Ian Chang, Lawrence Simonson, and Mikel Fields for their talents, their willingness to share their unique love of cinema, and their truly unbelievable efforts as they raised over $42,000—helping to keep alive the cultural pillar to wild and unwavering inventiveness that is Ragtag. Thank you.

This weekend, Ragtag Cinema’s annual fireworks display—Magic Mike XXL—is ready to blow. Every year, the Kings of Tampa saddle up for one last ride: a perpetual grand finalé made all the more grand this go-around as we screen the Himbo Odyssey on 35mm. So join us for the ultimate celebration of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as we hoot and holler nonstop at a bunch of male strippers [editor’s note: Male Entertainers].

In commendation and gyration,