We require proof of vaccine or negative COVID test for showings before 5pm on weekdays.
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Cinema friends, 

Let’s get something out of the way.

Starting Friday, we will once again be requiring masks at the Box Office and in the Cinema, regardless of vaccine status. Many of us, and many of you, have already donned our old face-apparel in the last few weeks—and it goes without saying that we urge everyone between now and Friday to do the same.

The important thing about this chapter is that vaccination still allows us to do what we love, we just need to wear a mask while we do it.

Now, let’s move forward.

Thursday evening sees our sneak preview (ahead of Friday’s opening) of David Lowery’s The Green Knight, an impressionistic, visually-resplendent retelling of the Arthurian romance of Sir Gawain. The film is a deconstruction of the archetypal Hero’s Journey and the morals of myth—dark, sumptuous, ancient, and truly massive, The Green Knight is an experience.

For each other,