So, May We Start?

So may we start?

So may we start?

It’s time to start.

Friday we welcome the near-indescribably ambitious rock-opera spectacular—Annette. 

The brainchild of the now-aged-enfant-terrible, Leos Carax—director of such titanic oddities of love and anguish as Mauvais Sang, Lovers on the Bridge, and Holy Motors—and the elusive 55-year-old art-pop duo Sparks (who are seemingly everywhere right now), Annette opened this year’s Cannes Film Festival on a riotous note. 

This sung-through musical is so thoroughly bonkers that its divided reception was almost guaranteed from its inception. The narrative that anchors almost 140 minutes of song spins the lighting-struck romance of a shock-comedian, portrayed by a terrifyingly brilliant Adam Driver, and a French opera soprano (Marion Cotillard), who birth a mysterious little girl with a remarkable gift.

The craft on display in every avenue of this project is so amplified that even those allergic to the musical form should be compelled to let this thing wash over them. All else left unsaid, no truly great piece of art didn’t spark an argument or two.

Annette plays at the Cinema Friday, August 6 through Thursday, August 13 alongside The Green Knight. Masks are required for all guests regardless of vaccine status.

Bon voyage,