Movie Requests

Ragtag Cinema exists to present movies to the mid-Missouri residents. If there's a film you'd like to see, please fill out this very short form. We'll closely monitor the responses, and if we notice there's large demand for a film — be it new or old — we'll try our best to find a place for it on our calendar. Please feel free to share this form with others. Explanations for your interest are appreciated but certainly not required; our primary reason for creating this form is to gauge interest in movie titles, so the most effective way to generate a booking is to get other mid-Missouri residents to express their desire to attend a screening.

You can monitor the number of requests we're receiving by visiting this spreadsheet, which is updated on a weekly basis. If we book your film request, we will email you to let you know when the screening(s) will happen. If you have questions, please feel free to email Chris Boeckmann at Thanks!

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