Our Theaters

The Big Theater

Ragtag's Big Theater seats 130 people in fixed theater seats with fold-up tablets to hold refreshments. The seats are arranged on risers, which provides the optimal view for each patron. We do include two rows of our signature couches at the front of this theater. The theater is equipped with a 24' x 10.5' screen and surround sound in addition to video and data inputs on the floor for live presentations.

The Willy Wilson Theater

In 2014, our "little theater" was dedicated in memory of the late Willy Wilson — local artist, actor, philanthropist, teacher, and supporter of this organization since the earliest days of Ragtag Film Society. In 2015, local artist and family friend Jessie Starbuck hand-painted Willy's signature quote on the east wall of the theater: "Nothing is impossible; impossible just takes a wee bit longer." The room was also enhanced with a sculpture, Copper Thistle, by Michael Marcum. This clever design is composed of bits of wire, pipe, and odds and ends from Wilson's studio. In 2015, the family of the late Willy Wilson — Vicky, David and Hollye — donated all new seating for the room. The cozy chairs and couches can be rearranged in a variety of configurations. The theater is equipped with an 18' x 7' screen and surround sound with video and data inputs on the floor for live presentations.

Private Rentals

Ragtag Cinema theaters are available for screenings in which an auditorium is rented for private use. Use the form below to submit a request for a Ragtag screening.