Ragtag Cinema will close temporarily due to COVID-19


Dear Ragtag Cinema moviegoers and supporters,

After consulting with our staff, board, and distributors, in the interest of public safety, we have decided to temporarily suspend all programming as of Tuesday, March 17th. We currently plan to reopen on April 3rd. Given the rapidly developing nature of the situation, that date may have to change, and if so, we will continue to keep you, our community, updated. 

Our responsibility has always been, and always will be, to our community. As a commitment to the incredible people that make Ragtag happen everyday, we will be paying our cinema staff through this initial closure. 

Those of you looking for ways to support us through this unprecedented moment can help offset the loss of revenue and help sustain our crew in the following ways:

• Memberships: at this time, 25 new Couch Club level memberships can cover two weeks of lost hours for our cinema operations staff.

• Gift Cards: this simple pledge to a future experience with us can be purchased today.

• General donations are always gratefully accepted, but truly mean the world to us right now. 

In the coming days we will be announcing creative ways to continue celebrating cinema as a communal experience… albeit apart from one another. Our current focus, however, is the safety of all of our friends. Ragtag Cinema continues to be a cultural hub for Columbia, and we know that with your support we will return from this difficult time with an even stronger community bond.

Be safe and keep your chins up,

Ragtag Cinema