Ashes to Ashes


In case you missed last weekend's trip to the vast landscapes of desire on Planet Wong, you're still in luck. Ashes of Time Redux, Wong Kar-wai's gorgeous martial arts reverie will grace the big screen three more times this weekend - Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 11:45 PM.

For those of you unmoved by the due praise the film received here and from countless estimable critics, and by the preview which ran for what felt like an eternity, what more can be said to catch your interest? A name-dropping pitch? Ashes of Time Redux is like a mix between Sergio Leone's cool, stripped-down genre play and the splintered memory-trips of Alain Resnais that flutters through some weightless desert dreamscape by Dali.

Needless to say, a film like Ashes Redux, with its piercing yellows, sexy reds, and ethereal slurred motion, won't register as powerfully on cigar box-size laptop monitors (or, for that matter, cigarette box YouTube screens), so don't bother waiting for the DVD.  Its bold romanticism and mournfulness is fit for the big screen, which is how you oughta see it.