Back to Nature

"I hereby nominate Götz Spielmann as the most interesting filmmaker to whom nobody's paying any attention whatsoever. In execution, Revanche is a thing of sheer beauty, the kind of film in which the details of each individual scene -- composition, rhythm, performances, stray bits of business -- are all so perfectly judged that their cumulative force kind of sneaks up on you. Revanche is extremely well-constructed...and if that doesn't sound like a compliment to you, then this might not be your kind of movie. Which would be a shame." (Mike D'Angelo, The Man Who Viewed Too Much)

Revanche plays Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 23-24 at 7:00pm. Post-screening discussion with Brad Prager, Professor of German and Film Studies and author of The Cinema of Werner Herzog: Aesthetic Ecstasy and Truth.

Click here to watch an informative interview with Revanche writer/director Götz Spielmann at The Auteurs Notebook.