Bye, Chris! Hello, Ted! We <3 our programmers!

September 8, 2019

Ragtag welcomes the amazing Ted Rogers, a projectionist since 2018, to his new position as film programmer of Ragtag Cinema. If you're here at the cinema on weekend nights, you've likely met Ted and enjoyed his well-researched and lively introductions. Ted has a deep background in film and we're excited to see what he brings to our screens! Chris Boeckmann, who has brought a thoughtful program catalog to us as Ragtag's beloved and hard-working programmer since May 2010, is moving up to head programmer for True/False Film Fest. Chris has been working behind the scenes at Ragtag Film Society for a very long time and became an official programmer for the festival in 2009. We're so lucky to have them! If you see them, give them a hearty congrats!

Here's a Missourian article exploring the programming changes for Ragtag and True/False.