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"Forbidden Hollywood" every Tuesday in November

In the 1930s Hollywood filmmakers took advantage of a four-year lapse in studio censorship to produce films that gave a raw and unvarnished view of American life. Breaking all the rules, smashing every taboo, these films are shocking by even today’s standards. But more than just the sex and violence, these films are fascinating for […]

October is Chris Boeckmann month @ Ragtag

October's Employee of the Month Chris Boeckmann answers our questions: Your philosophical credo: Die hard First film you saw at Ragtag (including Blue Note days): Triplets of Belleville Favorite smell: Gasoline A stray memory about Ragtag: Long-lasting regret about never trying those terrible-smelling 'spicy dogs' that everyone loved Favorite dish at Uprise: The BLT, which […]

Winter's Bone about to become longest-running film in Ragtag history

Quite improbably, Winter's Bone is going into its ninth weekend, tying it with Slumdog Millionaire as the longest run in our history. "Every so often a film gets under our skin with its haunting authenticity, reinforcing our faith in the wonderfully transporting power of cinematic storytelling. Winter's Bone is unquestionably that film," says USA Today's […]

Does Exit Through the Gift Shop mean the end of street art?

Come find out starting June 11. This is a vastly entertaining and intriguing film that will have you wanting to talk about it long after the credits have rolled. See:

A new summer tradition: August 21

Since our start in 2004, True/False has been a crocus that pops out of the ground as the Missouri winter gives up the ghost. But as we get the hang of this movie+party thing, we're feeling like Columbia could use some some True/False-iness at other times of the year. With that in mind, we want […]

The Lion, The Witch and The Ice Cube

[Image coming soon.] Now on display in the Horst Sikorsky Gallery in the Small Theater: The Lion, The Witch and The Ice Cube, an exhibition of collage art by collaborative duo Julia Dzwonkoski and Kye Potter. Dzwonkoski and Potter have organized exhibitions and screenings at the MAK Center and the Echo Park Film Center in […]


My apologies for the severe lack of blog activity this year. Ragtag is currently going through a pretty crazy transition stage, and I've been overwhelmed with work. To all of you who have posted questions to the blog that have gone unanswered, I promise to get back to you via email over the next week. […]

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Roy Andersson: Adman Extraordinaire

Columbia Daily Tribune arts writer Aarik Danielson recently blogged about this week's Passport Series film, You, the Living and the brilliantly funny television commercials by director Roy Andersson.  Sample some of Andersson's commericals in the video below (tip: the funniest begin at 1:37).
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