Colossal opens Fri. April 28

April 25, 2017

colossal-wideAnne Hathaway as a huge Godzilla-ish monster? Why not!

"What if Godzilla was a projection of your issues? That's the question posed by 'Colossal,' a new film by Nacho Vigalondo in which an alcoholic screwup named Gloria (Anne Hathaway) unleashes terror on Seoul, South Korea, in the form of a giant monster by getting blackout-drunk.

This sounds like the premise of a 'Saturday Night Live' sketch blown up to feature length, but part of the weird charm of 'Colossal' is its willingness to be that kind of movie to the Nth degree. It warmly embraces the central idea and explores it in detail, without burdening it with gravity that it can't support. Vigalondo, who has carved out a niche making wry, small-scaled, rather peculiar genre films, doesn't do that. This movie feels as if somebody woke from an intense nightmare, decoded it and realized it was rather unsubtly working through some of their unresolved problems, then brought it to Judd Apatow and said, 'Here's your next comedy." --Matt Zoller Seitz,

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