Community Gallery

A new show of color photographs is now up for the month of May! Natalie Noack Freeman---former Columbia resident, artist, gardener, and rabble-rouser---drove up from her homestead in Arkansas with a trunk filled with new photographs. All prints are for sale. Contact Polina at [email protected].

Here's what Natalie says about her work:
"At the ages of 19 & 20, my husband and I married. We created our first home together in the attic of an old blue house on Windsor Street. As we cultivated our home, made meals and baked bread, tended to our garden, lived life together, moved to other homes and eventually away from Columbia, I captured the little moments on an old Pentax 35 mm camera given to me by my mother. 'home within' documents those simple moments of beauty I discovered while creating a home with my husband over the past three years. This habit of capturing the everydayness of our lives, even in the midst of change and difficulty, has cultivated an inner peace and stillness, which I hope these images convey."

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