December film preview

Here's a peek at some of the films we have planned for next month:

Like Crazy is opening December 2. A young couple in love with visa issues. I think you'll see a longer trailer on IMDb than we're showing here at the cinema. This trailer features Jennifer Lawrence opposite Anton Yelchin, just like in The Beaver...if you got a chance to see that here at Ragtag. You'll remember Jennifer Lawrence from the Ragtag blockbuster Winter's Bone. [And I just saw her in the fun-filled X-Men: First Class, as Mystique.]

Into the Abyss  Werner Herzog talks to a death-row inmate and those affected by his crime. Looks like a meditation on why we kill. Should be good.

Melancholia  Lars von Trier's new end-of-the world film, featuring Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Don't worry, I doubt it will be as intense and shocking as Antichrist...but maybe as gloomy. This is my pick for December. I've been waiting months for this film.

Take Shelter  Another apocalyptic film comes to Ragtag. This looks like it's gonna be intense. Here's an interesting article from Paul Harris at the Guardian about Take Shelter and economic doom.

The Artist  A new 20s-style silent film from France. People have been saying great things about this. Praise from New York Magazine.


"This is so weird."