Director Jerry Schatzberg to Skype after SCARECROW Thurs Dec 19

blonde-on-blonde 1174950_Jerry-Schatzberg

We're thrilled to announce that Jerry Schatzberg, director of SCARECROW, the final film in our Road Trip '73 series, will be Skyping with our audience after the 7:30 film on Thursday.

If you've seen Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde (1966) album cover, you already know Jerry Schatzberg's work. Beginning his career as a photographer, in 1973 Schatzberg moved to film, directing SCARECROW, which stars Al Pacino and Gene Hackman in nuanced performances of eccentric travelers on the road west.

Schatzberg's gift for portrait photography taught him how to deal with actors. Realizing that most people feared the photographer’s lens, he would spend as much time with them as possible to relax them and try to see beyond the surface and discover the self they hid from the outside world.

SCARECROW shared the grand prize at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival.

"A flawed, fascinating testament to a time of discovery in Hollywood: of how stories could be told onscreen, of what great actors might find within themselves, of just what in the hell this country had become in the late-'60s crackup." Alan Scherstuhl, Village Voice