October is Chris Boeckmann month @ Ragtag

October's Employee of the Month Chris Boeckmann answers our questions:
Your philosophical credo: Die hard
First film you saw at Ragtag (including Blue Note days): Triplets of Belleville
Favorite smell: Gasoline
A stray memory about Ragtag: Long-lasting regret about never trying those terrible-smelling 'spicy dogs' that everyone loved
Favorite dish at Uprise: The BLT, which showcases the power of simplicity (or, you know, just how good bacon is).
Best movie you ever rented from 9th St. Video: Larry Clark's Bully
Embarrassing story: I took WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW? seriously.
Biggest phobia: Deli meat
Movie character who you most identify with: James Brennan in Adventureland. We're immature in the same ways, and we both like Lou Reed and the Replacements.
Favorite place to go in Columbia: Garfield's was my joint (RIP)
Country you'd like to visit: Genovia
Surprising detail about yourself: I was fired from Dairy Queen. Coincidentally, it was one week after they introduced deli meat to their menu.