PrideFest: 2022

PrideFest: 2022


About the Series

What began as a gathering of some four-hundred people under the banner of Got Pride? Show Me! has, over eighteen years, grown into the Mid-Missouri PrideFest. 

With its roots in resistance to Missouri’s 2004 constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, the mourning of lost friends, and a defiant rejection of hate in the face of the KKK, PrideFest has been critical to building and strengthening our community. Pride has always been a fight—and a party.

Ragtag has long-championed Queer Cinema, offering audiences not just reminders of hard realities but visions of inspiration and liberation, as well as celebrations of transgression, escape, and camp. As part of PrideFest this year, we offer three films: new cult classics, reclamations, and a modern rediscovery.

Here’s to meeting people in dark rooms.

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Mid-Missouri PrideFest
Mid-Missouri PrideFest


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