October 21, 2023
If you've got a taste for terror... take Carrie to the prom!

Details About the Film

Adapted from the best-selling, eponymous novel by Stephen King, director Brian De Palma's Carrie viscerally depicts the horrors of high school and teenage girlhood. Taunted by classmates, abused by her overzealous religious mother, and confused by her changing body, Carrie White (Sissy Spacek) suspects that her problems might not be like everyone else's. As Carrie continues to be pushed to her breaking point, she develops an ever-growing strange power that only needs one more traumatic event to fully unleash. Senior prom is just around the corner and when the most popular boy at school asks to be her date, Carrie is sure it will be a night to remember…


In honor of Homecoming weekend, we’ll be throwing a bloody bash — a little something for those that want to celebrate corsages & slow-dancing without stepping foot on campus. Stop by Hittsville for a Horror Homecoming to see the theater transformed into our very own prom ahead of a screening of Carrie. There will be a pre-film DJ set, spiked punch, and chances to win prizes with a spin of our haunted wheel of fortune. Costumes encouraged; please leave the pig’s blood at home. 

This is a fundraising event for Ragtag Film Society. Tickets will be $15.

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Director(s): Brian De Palma
Starring: Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie, John Travolta
Year Released: 1976
Runtime: 98 minutes
Country: USA
Language(s): English
Content Warning(s): Domestic Abuse / ViolenceExtreme Violence