June 16, 2022
Amy Heckerling's bubblegum Beverly Hills high school vision helped define the 90s — but it remains timeless, speaking directly to every generation that finds it.

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Molded from Jane Austen's Emma, the Regency comedy of manners and errors, Clueless finds the shallow and rich Cher as matchmaker — giving back to the community and helping the less fortunate by making-over a tragically unhip new girl at school.

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CoMo Famous: Clueless - presented by Ming Hsieh

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Ming Hsieh has lived in Columbia for 35 years and owns the very successful nail salon, Polished (in Como). She believes the two major factors that make Columbia great are its diversity, thanks in large part to the University, and the abundant support of the community. Everyone really lends a helping and supportive hand to each other and it positively impacts the daily lives of everyone here. The first movie she saw at Ragtag was Rocky Horror Picture Show and she comes in with a strong vote for Shakespeare's Pizza as the best in town. Her hidden talent is always bringing the right snack at the right time for any occasion and at happy hour, buy her a Tito's with club soda and lime and she'll be happy.

Director(s): Amy Heckerling
Year Released: 1995
Runtime: 97 minutes
Country: United States
Language(s): English
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Film Reviews

"There may never be another Clueless but writer-director Amy Heckerling gave us a gem for the ages."

–Danielle Solzman

"The movie is aimed at teenagers, but like all good comedies, it will appeal to anyone who has a sense of humor and an ear for the ironic."

–Roger Ebert

"With a huge impact on popular culture thanks to its fashion, performances, and stand-out soundtrack, Clueless is far smarter and wittier in its commentary on gender and class than its title would have you think."
–Rebecca Harrison, The Afternoon Show