August 16, 2023
Park Chan-wook's cult-classic, revenge masterpiece returns in a new, 20th anniversary restoration.

Details About the Film

After being kidnapped and confined for fifteen years with no explanation, a man has only five days to retrace his past, track down his captors, and get his revenge. Now, the "beautifully blood-splattered" classic that helped put contemporary Korean cinema on the world stage returns in a new restoration.

Director(s): Park Chan-wook
Starring: Choi Min-sik
Year Released: 2003
Runtime: 120 minutes
Country: South Korea
Language(s): In Korean with English subtitles
Content Warning(s): Depictions of Sexual Assault / RapeExtreme Violence
Accessibility Options: ListenTech (Hearing Impaired / Personal Amplified Audio Receiver w/optional T-Coil loop)

Film Reviews

"A beautifully blood-splattered modern classic."

—The Guardian


"A revenge film like none you have seen."

—Detroit Free Press


"A work of art."

—Dallas Observer