The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain

March 16, 2023
HIGH FREQUENCIES Relaxed strains of Psychedelia

Details About the Film

This film is part of the series High Frequencies

The sublime and the sacrilegious coalesce to become the ultimate odyssey. A Mexican alchemist assembles a team of mystical, Tarot-esque types to ascend the Holy Mountain. Initially funded by The Beatles and Yoko Ono, this near-wordless wonder premiered in scandal at Cannes before becoming one of the most enigmatic midnight movies of all time.

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Director(s): Alejandro Jodorowsky
Starring: Alejandro Jodorowsky, Horacio Salinas, Zamira Saunders
Year Released: 1973
Runtime: 114 minutes
Country: Mexico
Language(s): In English and Spanish with English subtitles
Content Warning(s): Depictions of Sexual Assault / RapeExtreme ViolencePhotosensitive Epilepsy Seizure Warning
Accessibility Options: ListenTech (Hearing Impaired / Personal Amplified Audio Receiver w/optional T-Coil loop)