To Sir, with Love

To Sir, with Love

October 13, 2020
Sidney Poitier makes his indelible mark on this iconic mod relic. A recent transplant to London who accepts a temporary position teaching in the slums of the East End—contends with both the realities of a failed social system and a legacy of racism.

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This film is part of the series CoMo Famous: 2020

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CoMo Famous: To Sir, with Love - presented by Martha Pickens

With a hidden talent of making up new lyrics on the spot, Martha has learned that a good sense of humor and a compassionate listening ear will get you a long way. She may not have a favorite of Columbia’s MANY pizza joints, but will likely pair it with an IPA.

A Columbia native who grew up in East Campus in the ‘60s, Martha’s early aspirations were to own a VW Bug and attend college so that she could march in civil rights protests. The Bug never happened, but a lot of other stuff did, things that 6-year-old Martha could never have fathomed. When you’re young and your world is narrow, you need someone to help you along. TO SIR, WITH LOVE, gives us that story.

Director(s): James Clavell
Starring: Sidney Poitier, Judy Geeson, Christian Roberts
Year Released: 1967
Runtime: 105 minutes
Country: United Kingdom
Language(s): English
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