Homebrewed 2016

The Fits (Homebrewed #3)

Wed, June 22 at 6:30pm

In a Cincinnati boxing gym, a quiet yet fierce 11-year-old named Toni (Royalty Hightower) bobs and weaves alongside her older brother Jermaine (Da'Sean Minor). One day, Toni finds herself captivated by the young women dancing in the same community building. She joins their squad, the Lionesses, and begins dedicating her free time to private rehearsal. Shortly thereafter, troupe leaders begin to experience mysterious convulsions — "the fits," as they're dubbed by the local news media. Writer-director Anna Rose Holmer's exhilarating debut succeeds as both psychological portraiture and dazzling dance film.

"A visually lush and uncommon coming-of-age story. Beat by beat, thrilling move by move, the director Anna Rose Holmer — making an impressively assured feature debut — proves that the his-and-her spaces of the boxing ring and dance floor are more multilayered than they seem." (Manohla Dargis, New York Times)