Corn's-A-Poppin' on 35mm: a special members-only event

Member Appreciation Reception Sunday, December 4, 7-7:45pm, followed by Corn's-A-Poppin' with special guest Julian Antos. Reception and screening are free, members only. Not a member yet? Buy a membership and join us for this special evening with desserts and beverages courtesy of Uprise Bakery and Logboat Brewing Co.

Scripted by twenty-eight-year-old Robert Altman after his disappointing sojourn as a Hollywood screenwriter, Corn's-A-Poppin' is a bargain-basement backstage musical that puts the corn in cornpone. Real-life crooner Jerry Wallace plays Johnny Wilson, the down-home star of the Pinwhistle Popcorn Hour, a low-rent variety show with acts ranging from ex-hog caller Lillian Gravelguard to Hobie Shepp and His Cow Town Wranglers. Might the tone-deaf bookings be an act of corporate sabotage engineered by rogue PR man Waldo Crummit in his bid to gut the Pinwhistle empire? It's up to Wallace and his kid sister Little Cora Rice to save the day. Along the way, they perform such memorable songs as "On Our Way to Mars," "Running After Love," and "Mama, Wanna Balloon."

Shot in Kansas City by a band of young talent schooled in the production techniques of The Calvin Company, the Midwest's most innovative industrial film studio, Corn's-A-Poppin' saw extremely limited play at rural drive-ins and hootenannies before disappearing for decades. Restored by the Northwest Chicago Film Society in conjunction with the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research, with funding from the National Film Preservation Foundation.