I Am Not Your Negro

Opens Mar 11, 2017

A gay black man exiled to France at an early age, James Baldwin became the greatest American essayist of the 20th century. Director Raoul Peck celebrates Baldwin's rich legacy by immersing us in his impactful, soaring words (voiced here by Samuel L. Jackson). The writer's eloquent meditations on race and class remain painfully, powerfully relevant.

"Stunning. There are no talking heads, no linear story lines for us to grab hold of. The truth of the film, the essence of the filmmaking, is in how these contending visions complement and cut against each other. It is associative: It follows the logic of thought and image. The result is to make Baldwin's language feel, somehow, more alive." (K. Austin Collins, The Ringer)

An official selection of the 2017 True/False Film Fest.