My Life as a Zucchini (English language)

Opens Mar 24, 2017

Written by Céline Sciamma (Being 17, Girlhood), this sublime, Oscar-nominated animated film tells the story of Zucchini, who is taken to an orphanage after the sudden death of his mother. In this new home, Zucchini slowly learns to trust and to love.

"A compact triumph of stop-motion animation in the service of a bittersweet tale, Zucchini is as delightful as it is affecting. By European standards, this is probably suitable for ages eight and up. But it is not a pure distraction in the manner of so much fare aimed at young people. Think Bambi. The themes are serious and handled with grace and humor. All but the most hardened adult hearts will be moved." (Lisa Nesselson, Screen Daily)

Appropriate for kids? Common sense media rates it as appropriate for kids age 11+, but of course, please decide for yourself.