The Love Witch (on 35mm)

March 31-April 2   On 35mm!

  • Friday, March 31 at 9:30pm
  • Saturday, April 1 at 9:30pm
  • Sunday, April 2 at 7pm
Written, directed, composed, costume-designed and production-designed by Anna Biller (Viva), The Love Witch pays homage to 1960s Technicolor thrillers as it follows a young witch named Elaine (Samantha Robinson) as she uses spells and potions to seduce men, often with disastrous results. Eventually, she meets the man of her dreams.

"Beguiling. Biller's sharp film stands in stark contrast to the complacency and crushing safeness of the vast majority of independent films made in the U.S., and is far more than the lighthearted genre pastiche or retrophile curiosity it may seem to be at first glance." (Violet Lucca, Film Comment)