Your Name. (Japanese version w/ English subtitles)

Opens May 12, 2017

This ambitious, imaginative animated feature revolves around two high school students whose worlds collide. Mitsuha yearns to leave her rural village and move to Tokyo. One day, her wish is granted, as she mysteriously swaps bodies with Taki, a handsome Tokyo boy. These body swaps happen over and over, forcing the two to find ways to connect. A phenomenal hit with both critics and audiences, Your Name. is the fourth highest grossing film in Japanese box office history.

"Accolades like that can create outsized expectations, but Your Name. is nothing if not an expansive achievement. The movie's spirit is by turns energetic and serene, impetuous and wise, its wild shifts from comedy to tragedy to romance revealing themselves not as tonal swings so much as variations in a larger cosmic pattern. It is a thrillingly beautiful movie." (Justin Chang, The Los Angeles Times)