The Lovers

Opens May 26, 2017

Mary (Debra Winger) and Michael (Tracy Letts) have been married for many years. They get along, but the passion is completely gone. Each is having a serious affair, Mary with a novelist (Aiden Gillen) and Michael with a ballet teacher (Melora Walters). The possibility of divorce looms, but suddenly, they experience a strong spark. Is this also cheating? The Lovers is the latest film from Azazel Jacobs (Terry, Doll & Em).

"Quiet, gentle and enlightening. The movie deals less with awkwardness of this comedic scenario than the emotions it creates for its central duo, and the psychological struggle when words can only go so far. Jacobs draws out the extraordinary chemistry between Letts and Winger, who seem as liberated by the material as the characters they play." (Eric Kohn, Indiewire)