The second film in Ragtag's Homebrewed Series is Sylvio.

Sylvio is a lowly cubicle drone at a debt-collection agency, residing alone in the city of Baltimore. Each night he comes home to work on his lifelong passion project: a series of heart-warming puppet shows performed for no one in particular. Sylvio is also an ape. With hints of pure DIY magic, silent-film comedies and an echo of buddy film tropes, Sylvio is a sincere endorsement of real-life connection; a deep exploration of what it means to be a true artist in a digital age of viral doom. Highly stylized and humming to a killer indie-pop soundtrack, it is the kind of movie that makes you smile but that also makes you think about what matters most.

"[Sylvio] is a generous, achingly tender comedy that offers some of the loopiest, most wondrously inventive humor this side of Jared Hess. (It also nods toward the decorative anachronism and muted bittersweetness of Wes Anderson.)" (Richard Brody, The New Yorker)