Princess Cyd

The third film in Ragtag's Homebrewed Series is Princess Cyd.

Like a Victorian bildungsroman, maturation and expectation intersect throughout Princess Cyd, exposed in revealing moments of dialogue as sharp as it is fruitful. Aunt Miranda, a middle aged author/academic, resides in Chicago. Her niece, soccer playing, sun-bathing, sexually precocious teenaged Cyd, decides to visit for the summer from South Carolina. Over the course of their time together the two tacitly explore the essence of identity, discovering much about one another but even more about themselves. A finely acted film that unfolds, play-like, Cyd transcends simple narrative, musing on the metaphysical as it effortlessly glides through issues of desire, fate and faith. A relatable, lovable cross generational family drama with a welcoming edge of inquiry.

"Cone's characters work their magic on the audience and one another. It's a remarkable show of restraint and a triumph of the power of character over that of conventional narratives." (Gary M. Kramer, Salon)