Paris Can Wait

Opens Jun 16, 2017

Diane Lane stars as Anne, a middle-aged woman who's looked after her inattentive Hollywood producer husband, Michael (Alec Baldwin), for 18 years. Anne and Michael are in France for the Cannes Film Festival. They plan on traveling to Paris together, but after chaos erupts on one of Michael movie sets, he's forced to leave. Anne joins Michael's charming business partner, Jacques (Arnaud Viard), on a freewheeling road trip to Paris. As she enjoys delicious meals, gorgeous sites and Jacques' company, Anne finds herself on a profound journey of self-discovery. 

"Charming, soulful and wise. A film worth savoring. There’s an element of fantasy that pervades Paris Can Wait, but it's a delicious fantasy, one that feels like easing into a warm bath. The refreshing element is that the story resists normative fantasies of sex or romance — in Paris Can Wait, Coppola focuses on the relationship to the self." (Katie Walsh, Los Angeles Times)