The Wedding Plan

Opens Jun 23, 2017

This delightful comedy from writer-director Rama Burshtein (Fill the Void) introduces us to Michal (Noa Koler), a devout Orthodox Jew. Michal, an eccentric, charismatic and strong-willed 32-year-old, is thrilled to finally enter marriage. But just a month away from the big day, her fiancé reveals that he does not love her. Rather than cancelling the wedding, Michal decides to place her confidence in faith, as she boldly claims she will discover her husband by the planned wedding date, the eighth night of Hanukkah. 

"Burshtein has crafted a film that’s poignant and funny, smart and unexpected, with a lead actress able to convey a loneliness so vast that it approaches a permanent condition. The Wedding Plan, with its beautiful flow between comedy and sentiment, celebrates the pursuit of love, its absurdity, intensity, and power." (Sheila O'Malley, Film Comment)