Dave Chappelle's Block Party (on 35mm!)

Opens Jul 26, 2017

July 26, 27 & 30 only! Presented on 35mm!

In the summer of 2004, the great Dave Chappelle organized a revelatory, celebratory Bed-Stuy block party, which brought together residents of Ohio and New York City to witness performances from Kanye West, Jill Scott and the Roots, among others. With grace and charm, iconic music video director Michel Gondry captures the proceedings in this classic documentary. "It's much more than a concert documentary. It's a jubilant, civic-minded lollapalooza. Yes, each performance is more transcendent than the last. Erykah Badu literally flips her Afro wig, then surfs the crowd. Dead Prez confirms that it's as crucial as Public Enemy, but in double time. Lauryn Hill is as willowy-fabulous as 1970s Diana Ross. But the more indelible contributions to the film are from the so-called little people." (Wesley Morris, Boston Globe)