A Ghost Story

Opens Jul 28, 2017

Immediately after completing his first big-budget Hollywood production (Disney's Pete's Dragon), writer-director David Lowery quietly slipped away to his home state of Texas and covertly created this extraordinarily moving and imaginative low-budget film alongside Rooney Mara (Carol) and Casey Affleck (Manchester by the Sea). After his sudden death, a young man (Affleck) returns as a white-sheeted ghost to console his grieving partner (Mara). Upon arriving, he discovers his relationship with time has changed, as he is only able to passively observe his former life and love. He soon starts to explore his place in the universe. One of the year's most celebrated films, A Ghost Story was photographed by Andrew Droz Palermo, a former resident of Columbia and good friend of Ragtag's.

"A major achievement. It's a rare privilege to see a contemporary American film as ambitious, emotionally honest, and just-plain-breathtaking as A Ghost Story. Lowery is less interested in telling a traditional ghost story or scaring his audience. His aim here is to explore how the ghost story as a genre and storytelling tradition masks cultural anxieties about time and mortality." (Dan Schoenbrun, Filmmaker Magazine)