Opens Aug 11, 2017

Young, attractive Parisians skillfully navigate their city, nimbly executing some sort of intricate plan. As the camera glides along, the tension builds. What is happening, and why? Set over one day, writer-director Bertrand Bonello's graceful, anxiety-inducing experiment has been courting controversy since it was conceived. Its soundtrack features songs from Blondie, Chief Keef and Shirley Bassey.

"Sublime, stomach-churning, improbably bold. Nocturama is many things. Initially pitched as an action film, it turns out that Bonello's latest has more in line with action painting, slathering onto its broad canvas an all-over mélange of genre iconography, pop appropriations, and historical reference points, and navigating through it all with impulsive shifts in attitude." (Blake Williams, Cinema Scope)