Opens Aug 24, 2017

Set in upstate New York during the economic bust of the late 1980s, Work follows Jenny (Cynthia Kaplan) as she hunts for a job. Jenny is frustrated by her conventional husband and she escapes into a love affair with a young neighbor, June (Sonja Sohn). But June is leaving the dead-end town for college at the soonest opportunity. As that day approaches Jenny struggles against her fear of losing not just the brightest hours of her day, but her nascent sense that she can build a life that matters. Recognized as part of the New Queer Cinema, Work premiered at New Directors/New Films in 1996 and screened in dozens of film festivals, museums and theaters around the world. It is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art. Writer-director Rachel Reichman, a Missouri native, has overseen the creation of a new DCP, which Ragtag is thrilled to present.

Each month, Ragtag and the Citizen Jane Film Festival spotlight a woman-directed film. Work is August's Citizen Jane Suggests selection.