Local Filmmaker Shorts Showcase 2017

Here's your chance to see what Mid-Missouri filmmakers are up to! Free! Q&A with filmmakers to follow. Here's what they say about their films:

"All The Good You Can Do"

"All the Good You Can Do" is the story of Mel West: preacher, humanitarian and project director extraordinaire. In the late 1990s Mel received a request from a colleague in Africa. They badly needed some short of all-terrain mobility cart for the many disabled people forced by circumstance to crawl on the ground. The resulting invention, the PET [Personal Energy Transportation cart] has lifted thousands of people off the ground and transformed many lives. This film is an inspiring story about volunteers making a huge difference throughout the world.

Producer/Director: Jim Karpowicz

Director of Photography: Tom Newcomb

"Apprehension Engine"

By Maggie Noble

Don't Hold Your Breath, Episode 1: "Whiff"

Don't Hold Your Breath, a new series from Little Dance Films, follows Kirsten and Aaron, two forty-something divorcées as they navigate the minefields of modern dating, meddling families, and eccentric friends. In the first episode, "Whiff," Kirsten discovers an awkward side-effect from her amorous new relationship with Aaron.

A Little Dance Films Production

Producers: DeeDee Farris and Mark Baumgartner

Writer: DeeDee Farris

Director & Editor: Mark Baumgartner

Assistant Director: Christopher Gould


DeeDee Farris as "Kirsten"

Dana Bocke as "Kat"

Ella Folkerts

Maggie Henson

Bernie McDonald

"Eagle Bluffs: Battle for a Wetland Treatment System"

As a nature cinematographer, I took the wonderful opportunities to film wildlife at Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area for granted. Only when I began to ask why Eagle Bluffs is so special did I learn about its debt to the city of Columbia's wetland treatment system, and, in turn, to the courage of a handful of citizens who opposed the usual practice of most cities along America's rivers – a pipeline directly from the sewage treatment system to the river. Finally, it celebrates folks with different political and environmental viewpoints who came together to seek this better solution and the citizens of Columbia who voted to raise their own sewer fees to fund it.

Wildlife, ground-level, and archival material cinematography; script; video and sound editing: H Carl Gerhardt

Interview camera and lighting: Charles Lonergan

Aerial (drone) cinematography: Kristopher Corbett

Additional sound editing: Zach Harrison

Background music: David Grimes, Molly Healy, Jerome Wheeler (Dorieann O'Brien for permission for use of excerpts from Jerome Wheeler's music)

Documentary consultants: Matt Schacht, Sean Brown, Charles Lonergan

Eagle Bluffs Special Use Permits: Clayton Light, Missouri Department of Conservation


My grandfather (Papou) immigrated to Detroit from Greece when he was in his twenties. He felt welcomed to the city and was integrated into the community of other Greek immigrants. He became a butcher in downtown, working his way up the ladder within the butcher shop. He also participated in the Greek Orthodox Church. My father was also born and raised in Detroit, and then moved to Lansing in his adult years, where I was raised. After my grandfather retired from being a butcher, he moved just outside the city to start his farm where he grew tomatoes and other vegetables to sell at city market. As I child, I remember helping him pick these vegetables on the farm during summer harvest. My grandfather passed away last year at age 90 doing what he loved, harvesting tomatoes. I went back to the farm after his passing and collected this footage, just as we had collected the vegetables in my childhood. I also integrated my own childhood footage, footage from the journey to the farm, and footage from the winter months while I was mourning his passing. I find this project cyclical in nature, much like the seasons of farming, and the cycles of our own lives. This video serves as a memory, an eidetic memory, of his journey from Greece to Detroit, to the food he provided for the community, and my reflection on our short time on this earth.

All credits to Katina Bitsicas.


Nathaniel, a Union Soldier out of time and lost in the desert.

Starring John Schulte

Original Music by Delicate Boys

Directed by Michael A. Coleman

Cinematography by Samuel Ott

Camera Operator: Jeremy Jardine

1st AC: Jon McCormack

Costume & Makeup by Blair Coleman

Edited by Park Sungkuong & Harris McNealy

Color by Harris McNeely

VFX by Paul Mossine

Produced by SuM+bUdDiEs

Filmed in Terlingua and Austin TX

"In My Mind"

By Marcelese Cooper


As a student, being involved in different ways is often thought of as the path to success. But is this level of commitment healthy? This documentary short looks at what happens when things fall apart.

Director: Cassidy Minarik

Featuring: Hanna Yowell

Thanks to: Jonathan B. Murray Center for Documentary Journalism

"La Petite Eat"

"La Petite Eat" parallels the issues of consumerism and the female form. The contrasting images of a ballet dancer and the primal qualities of meat question how we expend the female body as well as the copious amounts of goods we consume. This film is referencing the 1920s and 1930s surrealist style of filmmaking and features cuts of meat from all parts of the cow, not wasting any part. This piece also addresses this over abundance of goods, and how our culture consumes without thought.

All credits to Katina Bitsicas.

"Lever du Soleil"

By Marcelese Cooper


A woman encounters Christ on the brink of despair and condemnation. This film is based off three women in the bible who met Jesus, the women at the well, Mary Magdalene a prostitute, and the woman caught in adultery.

Performance by Maggie Robbins

Cinematography: Harry Kroenlein

Music: Josiah Bryan

Directed/Edited: Hannah Robbins

"Potato Bop"

Shot by Bassinsight Productions for Jazz Forward Initiative, Inc., the 501(c)(3) nonprofit that puts on the Jazzfest each year.

The crew was:

Jeff Bassinson, producer, director, video and sound editor

Michael Kelley, camera

John Wells, camera

Justin Gregory, camera

John Hickey, front of house sound, Wise Group

Dylan McCord, stage sound

Sam Copeland, bass

Max Levy, saxophone,

Mac Eckhoff, guitar

Troy Hall, drums

"Seeing Things"

By Michael Berry

"White Walls, Black Bodies"

By Jade Thompson


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