Texas Chain Saw Massacre

New 4k restoration!  3 nights only!  Oct. 13, 14, 17

One of the ultimate landmarks in modern horror film, the late Tobe Hooper's astoundingly executed dose of visceral kineticism is the gritty look at down-home cannibalism in the outskirts of the Lone Star State. The brilliant bits of scenic detail make you believe you've seen more than you really have, creating an atmosphere of pure hell on earth, as if the actual celluloid has been soaking in the air of a slaughterhouse for far too long. To celebrate Hooper's life, Ragtag is presenting a new restoration of the film.

"The movie's lurid rep scared me a little so I, like a lot of people coming to the movie for the first time, was a little surprised at how not-gory it was. Although of course it was still entirely harrowing. And rather unexpectedly funny." (Glenn Kenny)