Neither/Nor: Black Audio Film Collective (Handsworth Songs + Dubmorphology)

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presents Neither/Nor, True/False Film Fest's annual exploration of "chimeric" cinema, filmmaking that contains elements of fiction and nonfiction. This program is dedicated to scholarship and programming of vital movements that shift the boundaries of documentary filmmaking.

At this year's True/False Film Fest (March 1-4), the festival collaborates with writer and programmer Ashley Clark on a celebration of the Black Audio Film Collective. Formed in 1982, the Collective consisted of seven multidisciplinary and multimedia artists who first came together as students in the United Kingdom. Their work reckons with history and memory — particularly as it pertains to colonialist societies and the African diaspora — in ways that are intellectually rigorous, inventive, and expressive.  The Collective's breakthrough film, 1986's Handsworth Songs, considered the complex causes and simplistic depictions of civil unrest in Birmingham and London. It aired on Channel 4 and sparked a debate in The Guardian between Salman Rushdie and Stuart Hall, the latter praising the film for its original techniques and for "making us look in new ways."

Ragtag Cinema is thrilled to host the opening night of Neither/Nor. Join us on Wednesday, February 28, for a kick-off event, featuring a free screening of Handsworth Songs, followed by a post-screening conversation with Clark, followed by a free performance of Soundtrack for an Imaginary Film, a piece from Dubmorphology. 

Comprised of Gary Stewart and Black Audio Film Collective sound designer Trevor Mathison, Dubmorphology is a London-based research, production and performance project which produces experimental sound and visual installations, examining the relationship between culture and technology. The work created emerges from the artists' direct response to specific sites and environments and incorporates historical and contemporary material exploring social and political issues.

This retrospective is a part of the festival's Neither/Nor sidebar, a celebration of groundbreaking film movements that have evolved the discourse surrounding nonfiction cinema. The event will be free. Our free ticket policy applies (see below).

This year's Neither/Nor program is presented with the generous support of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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