The Party

Opens Mar 16, 2018

In Sally Potter's (Orlando) new dark comedy, The Party, Janet (Kristin Scott Thomas) is hosting an intimate gathering of friends in her London home to celebrate her political ascension, while her husband, Bill (Timothy Spall), seems preoccupied. Janet's acerbic best friend, April (Patricia Clarkson), arrives and others follow, some with their own dramatic news to share, but an announcement by Bill provokes a series of revelations that gradually unravel the sophisticated soiree, and a night that began with champagne may end with gunplay.

"Shot in a velvety widescreen black-and-white, performed with utmost commitment by its unimpeachable cast, it’s by my lights the first must-see movie of 2018." (Glenn Kenny,

Each month, Ragtag and the Citizen Jane Film Festival spotlight a new, woman-directed film. The Party is our “Citizen Jane Suggests” selection for March.