Distant Voices, Still Lives

Opens Oct 5, 2018

30th Anniversary, 4k restoration!

Ragtag is thrilled to present a brand new restoration of this 1988 masterpiece. Director Terence Davies' (The House of Mirth, A Quiet Passion) partly autobiographical tale evokes his upbringing in Liverpool after the war in a working-class home dominated by the violence of his father, fearsomely played by then newcomer Pete Postlethwaite. Using dynamic lighting, a superb soundtrack and a fragmented structure, Davies constructs a distinctive drama suffused with both beauty and horror.

"Very moving and as gripping as any thriller. Terence Davies' early autobiographical masterpiece is now rereleased. Its austere beauty, artistry and wrenching sadness are undimmed after 30 years, and there is nothing distant or still about it." (Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian)