Unreasonable Doubt: The Joe Amrine Case

November 14 Only! 

An urgent plea for the people of Missouri to halt the execution of a prison inmate accused of murder, director John McHale's grassroots political film presents compelling evidence to suggest that inmate Joe Amrine was not the man responsible for the murder for which he is set to be executed. As the case moves forward and Amrine moves ever closer to death row, a startling lack of evidence and witnesses overshadow the state attorney general's request that the Missouri Supreme Court assign an execution date.

Produced by a University of Missouri teacher and students, Unreasonable Doubt used compelling evidence to halt the execution of Joe Amrine, a man wrongly convicted of murder. In 2002, the film premiered at Ragtag. We're thrilled to partner with the University of Missouri Law School chapter of the American Constitution Society to bring the film back to Ragtag for a special screening, which will be followed by a conversation with filmmaker Ryan Wylie, Joe Amrine and others. Free but donations accepted.