Homebrewed 2019

The Plagiarists

Opens Jun 12, 2019

Car troubles leave an exhausting artist couple (Eamon Monaghan and Lucy Kaminsky) stranded in Upstate New York in the dead of winter. A stranger (Michael "Clip" Payne of Parliament-Funkadelic) comes to their rescue, offering both an affordable mechanic and a place to crash for the evening. But something is off. This hilarious, ferocious, and ingeniously designed film is always a step ahead of you. Stay through the credits.

"An intellectually ticklish, micro-budget, low-grade-video movie with metatextual wit to burn. Wilfully student-video amateurish in form, but impishly sophisticated in content, a gleeful cultural curiosity fairly crackles off The Plagiarists, and it is highly contagious. Almost every ostensible shortcoming ends up proving one of the film's points." (Jessica Kiang, Variety)