Saint Frances - Virtual Cinema

Opens Mar 27, 2020

This engagement has ended.

Ragtag Cinema has— alongside theaters and businesses across the world — temporarily closed its doors. Filmmakers and distributors, too, have had to put their long-awaited releases on hold. During this time, we are doing everything we can to continue engaging our audiences and celebrating cinema.

Our friends at Oscilloscope have partnered with us to present a virtual theatrical experience. Together, we are proud to present Saint Frances. Help support Oscilloscope, the filmmakers, and your local independent cinema. We will be running it just like our regular Ragtag programming — new films run Friday through Thursday — and when a film's run is over, it's gone! So don't hesitate to see it now.

Saint Frances will not be available for public rental or sale for several months, but we're making it accessible to you now for home viewing. For $10.50, Oscilloscope will email you a link to the film — and you'll have access to Saint Frances for 48 hours after it's emailed to you.

NOTE: There's sometimes a delay between your order and your receipt of the link to watch Saint Frances. This is a new endeavor for us and our friends at Oscilloscope, and they're fulfilling orders manually — so, thanks for your patience. Please expect up to a 60-minute delay for orders placed before 10pm CST. Orders placed after 10pm CST will be fulfilled by 10am the next day.

Oscilloscope will share a portion of your ticket payment with Ragtag Cinema. Please note that this arrangement, in these unprecedented times, means we're unable to offer member pricing.

Flailing thirty-four-year-old Bridget (writer and star Kelly O'Sullivan) finally catches a break when she meets a nice guy and lands a much-needed job nannying six-year-old Frances (played by a scene-stealing Ramona Edith-Williams). But an unwanted pregnancy introduces an unexpected complication. To make matters worse, she clashes with the obstinate Frances and struggles to navigate a growing tension between Frances' moms. Amidst her tempestuous personal relationships, a reluctant friendship with Frances emerges, and Bridget contends with the inevitable joys and shit-shows of becoming a part of someone else's family. (Winner of both the Audience and Special Jury Awards for Narrative Feature at SXSW 2019)

"Saint Frances grabs women by the face and tells them in a fierce but supportive whisper that they're not alone. It takes conversations that many girls never hear spoken out loud and literally screams them from the rooftops. Kelly O'Sullivan's script tackles the painfully awkward and the deeply taboo with the amount of ease that helps you forget that you're talking about something that many folks would rarely whisper about. It's a bright light on how messy, complicated, and weird womanhood is. For that, it deserves all the attention in the world." (Amelia Emberwing,

"A movie that really snuck up on me and walloped me emotionally in the final scenes in ways I wasn't expecting. The reason this film has cumulative power is simple: we believe in its characters." (Brian Tallerico,

"An exceptional showcase for O'Sullivan as both a screenwriter and as an actress, bringing light in any number of ways to sensitive subject matter." (Stephen Saito,